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soul food

What does SOUL FOOD mean to the people who cook it and enjoy eating it? What does it mean to you?

The focus of my blog is on Soul Food and what it is: its history born from slavery, its impact and contribution to American cooking, its modern day evolution, and its place in contemporary African American culture, and the American diet. I will include recipes, anecdotes, and the occasional interview.

Later in the year I plan to travel to the USA and see if SOUL FOOD has lost its soul. I will interview cooks in SOUL FOOD cafes, restaurants and home kitchens.
My project will evolve into an illustrated book of recipes, stories, photos and memoirs. I want to record their stories, recipes and memories before they are lost in the fast food landscape of burgers and curly fries!

UPDATE: I have been travelling through the USA to collect stories and recipes. I did try to get crowd funding through Australian website Pozible but was unsuccessful raising the total amount. Having to self-fund my trip has impacted on my travel plans, but not my enthusiasm for the project! So I am completing my Soul Food Journey in two stages. There will be a First and a 2nd edition of my book. I am self-funding the publication – heck, everything – to complete my book, but I looking for sponsorship to help Launch it, publicize it, and to embark on Stage 2. If you can help out, let’s talk. I will acknowledge your name or your brand in all my social media, work-of-mouth and in my book.

If you know someone I should interview contact me at awia.markey@gmail.com
Help support my Soul Food project: http://soulfood.pozible.com (UPDATE: this has now timed out and I was unsuccessful. But, I gave it my best shot and I haven’t given up on future funding opportunities!)

If you run a SOUL FOOD cafe or restaurant or you are a food writer – or diner – and would like to be interviewed for my blog or featured in my book, please give me a shout out.

Twitter: @ juicy_words
Visit my new Facebook page and say hello: Has soul food lost its soul?

Africa ring by Camille Peace Images: http://peaceimages.bigcartel.com/
Circa 1930s Map of Harlem: Elmer Simms Campbell


3 responses to “About my blog

  1. Cheryl, please get in touch with me. I have tried emailing you but we haven’t been able to connect.

  2. Hi there, I found your blog in such a round about way, but it caught my eye because my husband is Australian (I’m American) and I used to live in the deep south. I was wondering why you aren’t going to Mississippi, Alabama & Georgia? At least go to Atlanta, Georgia if you want find the heart of soul food. I lived in all the southern states with my work based out of Atlanta for 10 or 12 years. The culture is very different in the deep south than the other states & cities where you are going. The population of Atlanta is at least 70% to 80% black, more culture is preserved, you can feel the history. I live in the north now, out of your way, otherwise I would love to meet you and help you with your book. Do you need a contact for Atlanta? Maybe I could find someone, although it’s been a while since I lived there but I do still have friends there.

    • hello! thanks so much for your comments. I totally agree I need to visit Mississippi, Alabama & Georgia. I did get to North Carolina, and loved it! I didn’t raise the crowd-funding I was hoping to, so I’ve had to self-fund my trip and work around my pool of contacts, and a micro budget. I see this trip as stage 1 – I met wonderful people and had great interview. BUT… I plan to go back. I would love to talk with you more. Please email me at soulfoodstories@yahoo.com

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